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How To Stop Your Dog Peeing on the Bed at Night: 6 Simple Steps

Do you have a good night’s sleep? Or do you wake up to your dog peeing on your bed, leaving you feeling frustrated and tired in the morning? It is totally understandable that it can be a huge hassle.

We all know how important it is for our dogs to get enough exercise and how much we love to spoil them with treats and toys.

However, sometimes we forget that they still need some basic commands like “potty” and “go lay down.” Here are seven steps you can take to help your dog stop peeing on the bed at night.

Why does your dog pee on the bed at night?

There are a number of reasons why your dog might pee on the bed at night. Here are a few of the most common: You were out late and your dog got up to go out to go to the bathroom, He really wanted to go out, so he came in and peed on the bed while you were sleeping.

Your dog knows how to signal to you with a bark or a squeal, and a loud noise isn’t really going to wake you up in the middle of the night. You did allow your dog on your bed at night, and now it’s messed up.

Perhaps your dog thinks he’s being indulged and gets a bit spoiled, The way your dog behaves is unacceptable. He should be punished for it. It’s never too early to start training your dog to follow these commands. So, what should you do when you realize your dog is up to no good?

How to stop your dog from peeing on the bed

1. Make a schedule. Make a schedule that allows your dog to go to the bathroom. You may start with a timed schedule, like when you are leaving for work and when you are going to bed.

2.I recommended to take a step and try Brain training for dog course will help you to stop your dog peeing everywhere with simple steps and much more you can check it here.3. Take him to the dog park. After a couple of days of success, you can try taking your dog to a local dog park to do his business, so it’s more frequent. Make sure you keep him close by.

4. Make sure he is still getting enough exercise. If your dog doesn’t get enough exercise, you will likely have to potty him more often. Make sure to keep him active and keep a close eye on him.

5. Try treats. Don’t overdo it, but use treats as a reward.

6. Let him sleep on the floor. If your dog has been peeing on the floor, he might be getting too comfortable and peeing less. Put his bed on the floor.

What do you need?

Dogs pee on beds and on furniture as a habit of being playful, wet, and playful dogs can get the urge to mark their territory.
Dogs may also do it because they have a hard time going to the bathroom in the dark, 

We also have a tendency to play more games, go to the fridge, and even eat late at night. Once you have got the basics down with your dog, you can then start adding some attention-paying behaviors for your dog to think about while in the bathroom, This may help your dog go to the bathroom at night, but will not guarantee it. But how can you help your dog? 

As we have just mentioned above, you need to get your dog to think about the fact that they have to pee at night.
By thinking about it, you can help your dog associate going to the bathroom at night with being around you, as I mentioned before, for my advise try brain training for a dog he covers all you need to understand about dog and solve it, make your problem fade away now

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Where do you start?

Start by taking a look at your dog’s bedtime routine, Do they get a good night’s rest? Is your pet licking their paws when they are curled up in bed? If your dog’s bedtime routine is the same each night, then you know they have a favorite spot to go to bed, Be sure to let them know that this is their bedtime spot.

Next, make sure you make a point to reward your dog for spending time in their bed. If your dog is allowed to start and finish their nightly routine in their bed, they will begin to associate this spot with a good night’s sleep and possibly no nighttime accidents.

How to train your dog

Get your dog crate trained and use it for potty breaks during the night Giveform dog treats before bedtime Place a pack of KONG, Kong Wobbler, or Kong full of treats under the covers If your dog is a picky eater, offer him food that doesn’t smell like you or food that he hasn’t had in a while Eliminate paper, throw out books, papers, and blankets that your dog can smell Make sure the bedroom door is closed at night Try to stay in the bed If you aren’t getting a good night’s sleep, your dog is either losing control of his bladder or is missing out on an opportunity to feel the comfort of being next to you, However, to some dogs, peeing on your bed is totally normal.

Training using food and toys

First, be sure to be consistent with the reward you give to your dog to potty,  When training your dog to potty outside, use positive reinforcement.
Reward your dog with a treat when he stops peeing on your bed, even if he just had an accident. Play with him, throw a toy or even give him a hug after he has done his business, Take the time to reward him with positive reinforcement for doing this seemingly small task. 

Start by giving him a little treat after he goes to the bathroom and then after the next accident, Over time, if your dog follows your training, you will be able to take away any accidents. Using training treats for training your dog.

Training using a crate or baby gate

We use a baby gate in the doorway of our bedroom at night to make sure our dog can’t get outside, If he is not physically constrained in any way, he will be tempted to use his bladder for a midnight dunking. If your dog is crate trained, you can put a crate in the doorway, You can also put a baby gate at the entrance of the bedroom or near the stairs, to help him go to the bathroom. 

When we leave the room, the dog should return with the ball or any other toy that we will reward him with. This is our reward method in our home.

Training with a bell

It is also very important for your dog to understand that when he needs to go potty, a bell can give him the freedom to run around the yard without getting anxious. At night, the smell of the yard seems to be enough to keep him from going to the bathroom in the house. 

But if you bell him to go out, it will likely wake up the rest of the family. To make it work, find a large black bell in the shape of a cow or horse’s head. You can put it outside the door and train your dog to ring the bell if he needs to go out. 

If your dog will not go to the bell, cut a hole in a black construction paper cow or horse’s head, and put that over the bell. If your dog still doesn’t ring the bell, he isn’t interested in learning, and the bell is preventing him from going potty outside.

Teaching the “Go lay down” command

The following is a variation of the go to sleep command, often used by busy moms to get their toddlers in bed, It’s a simple command, but a very effective one! 

They will just stand there, totally confused and clueless. However, it’s just a matter of time before they figure it out. Place treats in your dog’s favorite places, like a couch or the bed, and have your dog find them. It’s not a huge issue if they never eat them, but they will start to get curious and will start to get closer to these good treats. Walk away and come back a few minutes later to see how your dog did. If they didn’t try to get them (i.e. they got in trouble), then do another round, If you want more check it here..

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If you put in the effort and practice these simple techniques, you will be able to cut down on the amount of urine your dog is leaving on your bed at night, If you haven’t already, add these six steps to your dog’s daily walk routine, so he/she can begin to know what you expect from him/her on a daily basis, and if you didn’t get a good result, you can try brain training for dog and this’s some of the clients say:

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